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Our history in life sciences

In 2006 we introduced our first successful life science candidate to a global CRO client in the UK. This clinical research specialist then went on to have a successful career in clinical research and the CRO client, has remained a client ever since.

Wentworth Life Sciences has continued to provide executive search and contingent recruitment solutions, helping companies find the best possible permanent full time talent, in addition to flexible contract expertise. Increasingly, we are providing benchmarking and completive intelligence services via our Wentworth Insights service.


In the sixteen years since our first success, Wentworth has helped hundreds of companies hire the right talent including global biopharma Amgen, international CROs including ICON and many life science start-ups and SMEs across biopharma, biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries.


Our early successes in the United Kingdom life sciences then spread to Europe, and on to the U.S. with particular highlights supporting rare disease biotechs and their vendors.

We've weathered recessions and a pandemic, continually adapting, adopting new technologies at every opportunity and embedding AI tools into our workflow.

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Local talent across a global network

UK, Ireland, USA, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Denmark +

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Values at the heart of our work

Openness and honesty

Care and attention

Fairness and equality

Listening and adapting

Our core services

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Retained Search

We partner with clients on retained projects, particularly for the more senior and/or confidential projects.

Our success rate is unrivalled where we are engaged on a retained basis as this enables us to better prioritise and allocate the necessary resources to provide the ideal outcome.

Contingent Search

Where retained search is less appropriate, we partner on a contingent/success-based basis.

This is more commonplace with some of our long-standing global CRO clients.

Most clients benefiting from our contingent services, choose to engage us on an exclusive basis.


We offer insights that help our clients understand and responding to their competitors, the market and talent fluctuations and trends.

Contact us to discuss:

Competitive Intelligence

Talent mapping

Comps & Bens


Supporting charities

One of our key motivations is knowing that when we help our clients hire the right talent, we help them get closer to providing life-changing treatments.

We also like to hear about specific people who need help. We’ve partnered with Make-a-Wish Foundation and have had the privilege of supporting individuals who have been impacted by rare disease.



Martha is an eleven-year-old girl who lives in the UK. She has an undiagnosed genetic condition that impacts her in many ways from the need to be tube-fed, hearing loss through to severe allergies and more.

Martha’s family had thankfully been introduced to Make-A-Wish and plans were underway to help Martha and her family have a brighter Christmas.

We were given some suggestions for gifts that would make Martha’s Christmas more enjoyable and we were able to delivery these to her in time for Christmas.

Martha's Mum said, "“Martha is so excited that she can’t sleep and keeps saying she has butterflies in her belly!”.



We were first told about Darshan when he was 13 and had begun treatment for a germ cell brain tumour.

With support from his incredible family, he turned to fitness and diet amongst more traditional healthcare interventions in order to fight this rare disease.

We bought Darshan a full size punch-bag to be hung in their garage, helping Darshan pursue his love of fitness and boxing specifically, to maintain and build his strength.

​To discuss our support for charities and individuals, please email us at 

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