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Our goals reflect our focus, drive and mission. We review our goals each year to assess how we performed against these, and to ensure they are still fresh, motivating and fit for the year ahead.

Our goals are often shared with our life science clients, ultimately improving health outcomes and supporting the continued growth of the industry.

Our goals

Running a Marathon

Improving health outcomes

By expertly bringing together the perfect talent and employer combination, our mission is to help our clients bring life-improving and life-saving treatments to patients.

Helping others will be at the heart of what we do.

Supporting talent

We will provide life science talent with opportunities that:


Meet their aspirations

Utilise their existing skills

Enhance their experience

Align with their values
Offer career progression
Meet their wider needs

Flexible solutions

We will continue to provide interim talent and flexible workforce solutions to meet immediate and/or flexible needs of our clients.

We will grow our contractor and interim consultant network and talent-pool.

Drinking Martinis


We will maintain and increase the value we provide.


By remaining competitively positioned in the market, we will provide the optimum balance of service and cost to our increasing client-base.


We will continually seek ways to provide additional insights and services that benefit clients and candidates.

Partnerships & Charities

We will collaborate with suitable partners and suppliers to help us achieve our shared goals.

Our partners will meet our strict standards for compliance and ethics.

We will partner with charities that focus on caring for individuals with rare or undiagnosed conditions, particularly in young people.


We will continue to grow our team and invest in the company, enabling and increasing the success of all our goals.

We will hire great people who share our values and commitment to the highest standards.


We will increase our profits, reinvesting our business and increasing our footprint.

Exceptional executive search and recruitment services have never been more important, as the competition for the best talent increases in this growing healthcare industry.  If you are hiring, need interim talent or exploring life science career opportunities, please contact Wentworth Life Sciences; call, email, or message us. We'd love to hear from you.

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