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Martha’s Christmas gift reaction is our highlight of the year!

Sometimes a big idea and a small step, can make a big difference. This is how we helped make this Christmas a little brighter for one inspiring young lady.

The team and I have spent the past weeks, developing ways to directly improve the lives of individuals who are impacted by chronic, rare, and undiagnosed conditions.

As recruiters to the life sciences sector, we see the great work of biotech and pharma clients and get to hear some of the emotive stories from the patients they serve.

We have been inspired by these stories shared by our clients who are working hard to diagnose and develop treatments for those affected. We wanted to do more, to directly help individuals in need.

The name given to this ongoing charitable project is Wentworth Giving and we would love to share more about this below, including an example of one inspiring young person we have helped.

Make-A-Wish Foundation® was suggested by Isabel at Wentworth as a potential charity that we could partner with. Make-A-Wish create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. I explained our aims to Shaun at Make-A-Wish and there was an instant connection and mutual passion for helping others, including those for whom there is either no diagnosis or no proven treatment at this time.

Shaun and the team at Make-A-Wish recognised our desire to help a specific individual and after just a few days, contacted us about Martha. We knew immediately that she would be the first person we wanted to help through Wentworth Giving, either on our own or as was the case with Martha, combining with other supporters.

About Martha

Martha is an eleven-year-old girl who lives in the UK. She has an undiagnosed genetic condition that impacts her in many ways from the need to be tube-fed, hearing loss through to severe allergies and more.

Martha’s family had thankfully been introduced to Make-A-Wish and plans were underway to help Martha and her family have a brighter Christmas this year.

How we helped

We were given some suggestions for gifts that would make Martha’s Christmas more enjoyable and through Amazon online shopping and Nikki the "Make-A-Wish Elf", we were able to delivery these to her in time for Christmas.

Martha’s Mum shared some wonderful feedback on just what a welcome surprise this was for her and how grateful she is. She also gave her consent for us to share these photos and a little of Martha’s story, for which we are very grateful. We hope that hearing about her will inspire others to get involved in supporting her and others.

Our highlight of 2020

Receiving this feedback from Martha’s Mum was absolutely wonderful and inspires us to do more;

“Martha is so excited that she can’t sleep and keeps saying she has butterflies in her belly!”.

Extending our help

Throughout 2021, we look to continue our support of specific individuals and hope to incrementally increase this over time. It would be even better if other companies choose to launch the same or similar initiative, particularly when support for charities is being heavily challenged by the pandemic.

Our Wentworth Wall will have pride of place in our office and will be a reminder of those we have helped and that there are so many more in need of support.

How you can make a big difference, with a small step?

There are several reasons why you might like to get in touch with us.

  • You know someone in need who may benefit from our support.

  • You are feeling inspired to try something like this at your company and would like to know more.

  • You are a company representative and would like to add to our ongoing efforts.

Please contact us via our website if we can help you in any way.

You can also contact the great team at Make-a-Wish directly through their website

Thank you for taking an interest in this story and best wishes for the festive period and for 2021.

Tom Midmore - Managing Director

Wentworth Life Sciences Ltd | | Tom Midmore | LinkedIn

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